About office building


The goal of the owner was to create such office space, where the space in offices would not only be convenient, and reliable infrastructure, but also to supplied additional benefits for the company, employees and customers.

Cieszyn Business Center Mennicza1 - this property to a high standard, having premises of various sizes. Floors of the building combines modern lift, and tenants will be available shortly conference room - training.

Location of the property on the market square in Cieszyn, making it easily accessible for Entrepreneurs, but also their customers.


The property was built in the sixteenth century, and since then has been repeatedly przebudowywany.W nineteenth century belonged to the barons von Mattencloit, and from 1880 to Cieszyn Savings - Teschener Sparkasse. The last reconstruction plans podług Anton Jonkischa implemented in 1891 in the interwar period building still belonged to Cieszyn Savings Bank.

From the 40's years of the nineteenth century, on the ground floor housed the renowned cafe run by a family Jedeków ("Cafe Jedek"). After the renovation work at the site cafe and restaurant "Central"


Property CB Mennicza1 care throughout the development of the object, an even better conditions for its users. In addition to the completion of work related to the lift (3Q 2014), work is ongoing adaptation of the attic, where rise the next commercial. Work is a project by the Owner of parking available in the future for Tenants object.